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Business Start-up Advisory

Give yourself the best chance for success

Lamezia Design has partnered with Chiragh Ajwani Business & Tax Consulting Inc. to offer Business Start-up Advisory Services. Chirah Ajwani, a professional with international experience, has worked with KPMG and Ernst & Young and has more than twenty years experience in finance, consulting and accounting. In the last few years alone he has successfully advised on opening dental and medical offices as well as completed business plans for a wide range of small businesses including restaurants, apparel stores, gas stations, convenience stores and more.

The services offered include:

  • Business plans

  • Support in obtaining bank financing

  • Incorporations

  • Master Business License

  • Trade name registration

  • Consulting on starting a successful business

  • Advice on buying a business

  • Location search

  • Consulting on improving profitability

  • Negotiation support

  • Proposals for grants

Tel:   416-843-9969   




Chiragh Aiwani has an MBA (Finance) from the University of Iowa (US) and a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Pune (India). 

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